Blanco Wheels and Feet, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to walkability.

We improve walkability and alternative transportation for the community of Blanco by providing and enhancing infrastructure, encouraging public involvement, and educating people about the benefits and characteristics of walkable places.


Small Town Charm

When we think small town charm, we think walking down the street and running into a friend. High speed freeways and massive big box parking lots have no place in a walkable town.

Community and Health

When you walk, your commute is spent interacting with the community in some way. Walking can improve health and lower stress.


Businesses thrive in walkable areas. Families save money by spending less on gas, car maintenance, or even a second car payment.


Walking and biking provide more transportation options for people of all ages and abilities. It serves our youth and elderly. Over 35% of Texans don’t have a driver’s license. That’s a lot of people who are underserved by our streets.

What we do

Community Involvement

The more people who walk and bike, the safer these activities become. We host programs that get people on their Wheels and Feet!


We make pedestrian travel safer, more convenient, and more pleasant by providing infrastructure like sidewalks, crosswalks, bike paths, benches, and street trees.


Walks must be useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting, according to Jeff Specks’ Theory of Walkability. We love to share our knowledge about how to create walkable places.