Blanco Bike Project

We make “new” bicycles by repairing broken bikes using working parts from other broken bikes. The new bicycles are distributed to the community.

Contact us to arrange a pickup or drop off for donation of your broken or unused bicycle!

You can also donate by purchasing a helmet or bicycle lock from our Amazon Wishlist and they will ship it straight to us.

***Free Bicycles***

To be considered for a bicycle, send us your story by filling in the form below. How would you use the bicycle?

Submissions can be any length, in any language.  We will contact you when a bicycle becomes available.  Be sure to include your contact information with your submission. You must live in Blanco County to be eligible for a bicycle.

You’ll also receive a helmet, lock, and lights so your new bike is ready-to-ride!

Bicycle Pump

We installed an air pump in Bindseil Park attached to the bike rack.  We received this pump via donation and are happy to provide a place for the public to air up their bike tires.

Pedestrian Awards

If we spot you walking or riding a bicycle in Blanco, you might win our Pedestrian of the Day award!

281 Crossing Day

We believe people should be able to safely and efficiently cross Highway 281, our Main Street, within the city limits.

Join us at our next event to demonstrate the need for more marked crosswalks on 281.

Check back later to see when our next event will be.